Crochet Stocking Ornament – Free Crochet Pattern

What a cute crochet Christmas tree Stocking ornament!  Or, make them for dolls or stuffies!

You can make them any size and use any size yarn or any size crochet hook.  And just like all of Emmi’s patterns, they are super easy to make and work up quickly.  Decorate your whole tree with mini-stockings!

Fun to make with your children, or grandchildren when you’re teaching them crochet!

Scroll down for the




worsted weight yarn

5.5mm crochet hook

(Or any yarn and hook of your choice.)


DOWNLOAD the PDF for printing, click here.



1. Chain 20.

2. Single crochet in the 2nd stitch from the hook, and in each stitch across the row.  Chain 1 and turn.

3. Skip the 1st stitch. Single crochet across the row. Chain 1 and turn.

REPEAT step 3, 2 more times.

4. Slip stitch in the first 4 stitches.  Chain 1.  Single crochet across the row, stopping when there are 4 stitches remaining. Chain 1 and turn.

5. Single crochet in each stitch across the row of single crochet (do not crochet in the 4 final slip stitches.)  Chain 1 and turn.

REPEAT step 5, 6 times for a total of 8 rows of single crochet.  Fasten off.

Your work will now look like this:



6. Attach white yarn where you just finished working. This will form the top cuff of the stocking. Single crochet across the row, making an increase stitch of 2 single crochets in stitches 4 and 8.  (see here for video instructions for this step.)  Chain 1 and turn.

7. Single crochet in each stitch across the row to form the cuff. Chain 1 and turn

REPEAT step 7 two more times.

Fold the stocking in half so the 2 ends of the cuff meet.  Slip stitch to join down the side of the stocking with white.(Video clip)  Fasten off the white.


8. Insert your hook in the edge of the first row of red, in the opening below the white.  Single crochet through 2 layers around the edge to close the stocking. (Video clip) Fasten off red.

9. Work in your yarn ends.

10. Turn down the cuff.

OPTIONAL:  Embroider and snowflake design on the front: (Video)


To DOWNLOAD the PDF for printing, click here.




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