Free Ruffled Flower Crochet Pattern

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Free tutorial for making a very easy ruffled crochet flower! Easy enough for beginners!

A lovely embellishment to trim your hats, bags, scarves, or jacket lapels!

Free ruffled flower crochet pattern



Worsted weight yarn,


Any size hook (For a 5 inch flower use 2 strands and 10.5 mm hook, 2 inch flower: 1

strand and 6 mm hook)



  1. Chain 5, slip stitch to join and form a ring.
  2. Chain 1, make 8 single crochet in the ring, slip stitch to join.
  3. Chain 2, make 5 double crochet in each stitch around, slip stitch to join in the top of the first chain 2. Fasten off. Sew a button or beads in the center.


End of pattern

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  1. Lovely pattern. Thank you, Emi!

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