Easy Crochet Poncho – Free Crochet Pattern

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Here is  a simplified pattern for making one of the popular wrap ponchos you see everywhere!
This free crochet pattern works up quickly, is easy to make and lovely to wear!  Your friends will want one too!
The demo is for a 6 year size, but all sizes from 2 years up to Adult XL are included in the FREE PATTERN!


Worsted weight yarn, worked 2 strands (Yardage: 2-4 yrs: total 600 yds; 4-8 yrs: 800 yds;

8-10 yrs: 1200 yds; 10-16 yrs: 1800 yds; Adult S-M: 2100 yds; M-L: 2300 yds; XL: 2500 – 2800yds

9 mm crochet hook, (US M or N)

Yarn needle




  1. Works bottom up, make 2 identical sections (1 front and 1 back)

Age 2 – 4: Chain 30

Age 4 – 8: Chain 32

Age 8 – 10: Chain 36

Age 10 – 16: Chain 44

Adult Small-Medium: Chain 48

Adult Medium – Large: Chain 56

Adult Large – XLarge: Chain 66


  1. Double crochet in the 3rd stitch from the hook, and each stitch of the chain.
  1. Chain 2 and turn, front post double crochet in the next stitch, back

post double crochet in the next  stitch, double crochet in each stitch across the row, alternate front and

back post double crochet in the last 3 stitches.  (NOTE*** For adult sizes, work front and back posts in

the first 4 stitches of the row, and the last 4 stitches of the row. )

  1. Repeat step 3 until the desired length is reached.

(Examples: 2-4 yrs: 24 inches; 4-8 yrs: 28 inches;

8-10 yrs: 32 inches; 10-16 yrs:34 inches,

Adult short: 36 inches; adult tall: 40 inches)

  1. Work alternating front and back post double crochet across the row

for the final row, which will form the shoulders and the neckline.

Fasten off.

Stack 2, sew together at the shoulders, leaving an opening large enough to pull on over the head.

Sew buttons on the sides attaching the front and back together.


End of pattern

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