Make this Simple Crochet Summer Wrap Shawl!

What better time to make this sweet and simple wrap/shawl?  Spring is here and the weather is getting warmer but sometimes, you need just a little something to keep the chill off!

Watch a YouTube tutorial of this simple pattern here: Video Tutorial

Or, get the printed pattern here: Pattern

Simple Summer Wrap Shawl

5 Responses

  1. Tracey Nesbitt

    I love it and I want to try it

  2. Nancy Greer

    What a lovely design! I think this would be a terrific shoulder topper to keep the air-conditioning from blowing on our shoulders at ladies’ bridge. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Nancy Greer

  3. Abigail McCullough

    I love your work but when you work on your crocheting I’ll be trying to see the hose that you’re going through if you can just slow it down just a little bit and let me see the way that you’re going through the stitches that will be lovely I am a new beginner and I love to crochet but it’s kinda hard if I can’t see the way that you’re going through the stitches

  4. doreen evelyn

    thank for sharing this lovely pattern i am going to try it this weekend

  5. So beautiful

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